Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Willow Vale and I are being featured permanently on  You can read about me; read a sample chapter of my Western historical novel; order your Willow Vale download; and order other Western books, Western movies, and ebook readers at this site. 

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Abbie Taylor said...

I was planning to wait and buy Willow Vale in the bookstore at the Wyoming Writers conference next month, but after reading the first chapter in the free sample on, I could wait no longer. Reading a book like this can really give you a perspective on life. If you think you have it bad, at least your husband didn't dump your clothes by the side of the road because he thought they were rubbish, threaten to hit you and your little girl when you tried to retrieve them, and leave you to fend for yourself in a train car in a foreign country when you know so little of the language.