"When we read NAAPIIKOAN WINTER our hearts were swept back in time. Alethea Williams writes with the same authority and beauty that A. B Guthrie, Bernard de Voto, Wallace Stegner, and Conrad Richter imparted to the page. We marveled at the quality of her research, and the precision with which Williams recreated the world of the Blackfeet at the time of white contact.  Find the first page, dear reader, and you'll fall effortlessly into a long-gone world filled with both the noblest of humans, and the dross that always follows. This is no Western romance, but the nitty-gritty reality of the Northern Plains. We call NAAPIIKOAN WINTER masterful!"
--W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear, authors of PEOPLE OF THE MORNING STAR

"An involving, richly atmospheric historical novel about the clash of cultures in frontier America."

--Kirkus Reviews

"What I don't understand is WHY haven't more people read this book? ... Brilliant."

--Mary on Goodreads

"The uneasy juxtaposition between these worlds is handled with a great deal of confidence by Williams, who very skillfully humanizes the conflict through solid period research and a series of well-drawn characters.Recommended."

--Historical Novel Society

"The author brings the old cultures to life with vivid descriptions and detailed narration."

-- for Readers' Favorite

"Each story kept me engaged and wanting to read more."

--Debra Schoenberger on Goodreads

"[T]his is not a political volume. It's a novel, and a compelling one."
--Susan Schoch for Story Circle Book Reviews

" 'Naapiikoan Winter' is a historical novel rich in traditions and a bit of magic."

--Sarah E. Bradley for In D'Tale Magazine

"The character development reflects the reality of flawed human decision-making, motivated by greed, emotions, and pride.

--Renee Hanlin, Children’s Services Librarian, Wyoming State Library Book Reviews

"The author's meticulous research shows up in her portrayal of the characters and their way of life. No wonder Alethea Williams has won so many awards for her writing!"
--Sandra Nachlinger, "Book Beginnings" on Writing With a Texas Twang

"Having intensively studied Native American Plains Cultures, I can attest that Alethea's descriptions of tribal dynamics; tribal status, familial structure, spiritual practices and migrations are accurate."
--Tina Mari CombsTMC Author Services, LLC, on Amazon

"Ms Williams writes with great skill, confidence and what appears to be highly detailed research. Her understanding of the differences between the two cultures is handled with dexterity, and makes this a recommended, very enjoyable read."
--Ellen Hill, Discovering Diamonds

"This isn't a surface story but a deep look into the ole' west and the Indians that were a huge part of our history. Much of that has been forgotten...This is a story of survival."
Bemiown, Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

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