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This revealing collection of columns was first published in the Green River Star at the turn of the new century. Some things have changed for boomers over the years (most obviously, our hairlines and waistlines), and some things have become even more like they were! Back in the 90s most of us were still working, and these columns reflect those concerns as well as timeless topics such as valuing children, raising children with values, and the value of living in a healthy environment. Some have been edited a bit. I have indicated the exact or approximate date each was published, and added a few comments. The one thing I learned about myself in going back over these columns is that I was never at a loss for words! I enjoyed re-visiting the self I was then and finding out how relevant the insights still are today. I invite you to participate in this penetrating look back at what was important — and still is! — to me and to the people who live in the modern American West.
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