"I thought this book was really wonderful. It had everything."
Barb, a Top Pick Review at Night Owl Reviews

"Two people broken by World War I look to start over and take refuge in each other in this unique historical romance." 
" 'Willow Vale' is a moving read of the pains of immigrant life and the woodchipper that life can be."
Margaret's Bookshelf at Midwest Book Review

"This book is definitely worth reading."
Lilibet King on Lilibet's Book Blog

"Well-written in a casual, straight-forward tone, Willow Vale is a light read." 
Laura Lloyd on Historical Novel Society

"Willow Vale is a sweet and intriguing unfolding love story played out by two very real and likable characters."  
Siobhan Pratt on Amazon

"This book is not only a fine read in itself, but it also could be a springboard to read with older teen-agers as an introduction to discussing what real love and real maturity mean. A lovely, hopeful story."

Sharon Wildwind on Story Circle Book Reviews

"Williams’ brilliant use of imagery and description adds enchanting details to this beautiful love story."

Liz Friedman on Portland Book Review

"I fell in love with the story of fictional Francesca."
L. Roach on the Genetti Family Project blog

Reader reviews for Willow Vale on Amazon and Goodreads:
by Jacob Blasi 5 stars, "Great read"
by MuseGirl 5 stars, "Buy this book!"
by geh55 5 stars, "Good book!!"
by Arletta Dawdy, 5 stars, "The Housekeeper's Farmer"
by ShonUK, 4 stars, "Wonderful historical romance"
by Stacy A. Kendrick 5 stars, "Excellent story"
by Lilibet King 5 stars, "Well-Written Novel of an Immigrant in Wyoming"
by Angeli Haines "Gigi" 5 stars, "Very good book!"
by Donna Carter 5 stars, "A MUST READ!!"
by Terri Sedmak, 5 stars, "A fine historical romance"
by Sharon Wildwind for Story Circle Book Reviews 5 stars, "Love and Hope in the Wilderness"
by Cherley Grogg, 5 stars, "Deep Emotions"
by Starrgirlapril 5 Stars, "Inspirational"
by Donna 4 stars, "I really enjoyed the journey of reading this book."
by Peggy 3 stars, "This was a very easy read and a "happy" book to read."
by Amanda Cowan 4 stars, "One thing that I love about this book is that it's based on a true story."
by Jennifer 3 stars, "I enjoyed reading about Francesca and how she found herself in Wyoming. "
by Gayle Irwin 5 stars, "I became totally engrossed in this book!"
by Emily Jane Hills-Orford 5 stars, "It never ceases to amaze me how contrary people can be and how many ways people can create difficulties in relationships"
by Jenni 4 stars, " A love story that will have you wishing it were true."
by Mary Steiner 5 stars, " I loved this book."
by Laurel 5 stars, "I found it realistic, touching, and beautiful."
by Sharon Wildwind 5 stars, "This book is not only a fine read in itself, but it also could be a springboard to read with older teen-agers."
by Greg Irwin 5 stars, "This historical romance captivated me."
by Marishka Valentine 4 stars, "I found this story adorable and just long enough to give it purpose, but just short enough to give it mystery and leave the reader wanting more."
by Patricia Salamone 5 stars, "You will laugh and cry right to the end. Great read."
by pswinn 5 stars, "This book is a beautifully written example of life and love."
by Donna 4 stars, " It was short, only 150 or so pages, but every one was an enjoyable read."
by Susan 2 stars, "All the reviews on Amazon gave this book 5 stars. They must have been friends or relatives of the author."

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