Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello! Welcome to the blog for all things writerly. My new historical novel, Willow Vale, will be available from Jargon Media this December. It has truly been a work of love. I hope you will like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this romantic WWI-era story.

About me: I’ve been asked about my name. I named my blog “Actually Alethea” because Alethea is my pen name. There are lots of permutations of my everyday name, five that I can count off-hand. Any Margarets, Marges, Midges, Madges or Maggies out there? I’ve had three last names, the one I was born with and two by marriage. But Alethea is constant, unabridged and real. It was my paternal grandma’s name, and it comes from the Greek language. It means, according to Webster’s Encyclopedia, “truth.”  So I truly hope ours is a lasting association! I promise I will always uphold my part of the bargain between writers and readers, and present you with the best story I know how to write. But a writer is nothing without her readers, and I look forward to hearing from you and your reactions to Willow Vale.

Follow @actuallyalethea and @JargonMedia on Twitter for updates on the progress of my Wyoming-based novel and my adventures as a newly published writer. And check back here often for writer tips, editor tips from my wonderful editor and publisher, conference news, and links to anything else you can help me find that’s useful to writers.

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