Monday, January 23, 2012

Introducing Wyoming writer Abbie Johnson Taylor

            Visually impaired writer Abbie Johnson Taylor doesn’t let disability slow her down.  In addition to serving as president of WyoPoets and as primary caretaker of her wheelchair-bound husband, Abbie is the author of the 2007 novel We Shall Overcome.
            Her most recent publication is a book of poems, How to Build a Better Mousetrap: Recollections and Reflections of a Family Caregiver.  Abbie is also currently secretary of Behind Our Eyes, and is a longtime member of Wyoming Writers Inc., as well as Sheridan Range Writers and Explorations in Creative Writing.  Abbie’s books are available at iUniverse, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.  Visit this inspiring writer at or
            Some excerpts from Abbie’s writing journey:
…I started writing a few years before I quit my day job. Several of my poems and stories were published in various journals and anthologies, and I wrote my first novel We Shall Overcome. When I married my husband Bill, he persuaded me to write full time.
            Some [of the poems] are from Bill’s point of view. One in particular is from the point of view of his computer which he has trouble using because of his lack of short-term memory and use of his left arm. Some poems provide a humorous outlook on being a family caregiver. Others offer a heartwarming look at our relationship. Poems in the second and third parts of the book cover childhood memories and reflect on other topics. The last part contains poems inspired by my fifteen years experience working with nursing home residents.
            If anything, I want others in my situation to know they’re not alone.  Caregivers should seek out…help and not feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
            Question for Abbie Johnson Taylor from actuallyalethea:  What is one thing about your writing that has not been revealed before?
            Answer:  My writing is as realistic as I can make it. I try not to write too far beyond what I know.
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Abbie Taylor said...

Hello, Alethea, thank you for such an informative post about me and my book. I hope both our efforts increase sales.