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Today ActuallyAlethea is pleased to welcome back Scottish author Nancy Jardine, who has been busily writing and publishing in the interim since her last appearance here.

Hi Alethea, it’s lovely to pay a return visit to your blog and always a pleasure to visit the home of a historical author because I empathise with how much research can be involved during the writing process, and how much time we can spend on promoting our work. My Celtic Fervour Series is set a bit further back than your novels are, covering the period AD 71- 84 with the setting northern Roman Britain, but research is research regardless of time and place.

Since I last popped over to see you, After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks, the third book of my Historical Romantic Adventures was launched at the end of March 2014. So far, my series has 3 books- Book 1 The Beltane Choice; Book 2 After Whorl: Bran Reborn; Book 3 After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks.

Book 3 has a long title which doesn’t fit easily on a twitter message but since it’s directly linked to Book 2 of my series-After Whorl: Bran Reborn-I decided a bit of forewarning for the reader was essential. When someone looks at my titles, I hope the similarity of the ‘After Whorl’ at the beginning of both Book 2 and Book 3 will make them wonder why they’re prefaced with the same words. I hope they will then realise that although they are getting a full length story about Brennus of Garrigill and Ineda of Marske in Book 2, the adventures continue for those same characters in Book 3 since they end up being separated for a long time and lead their own adventurous lives with different partners. Reading the blurbs for the books makes that quite clear in addition to a neat message at the end of Book 2 which says ‘To be continued…’

A reader has asked me why I am marketing my stories as Historical Romantic Adventures, and do they need to be read in sequence. Each book of the series is a full length novel and could be read alone, but since they are all interlinked with characters being introduced and then reappearing in later books, it would be a richer reader experience to read them as follow-on novels. They don’t fit neatly into a historical fiction category since they have varying elements of romance, though they are heavy on historical details and involve scenes of bloody war, and military strategy and strife. They are all adventures, though, which plunge the reader into the era and into the minds of my characters and the situations they find themselves in. Since Book 2 of the series does not have a HEA ending, the series doesn’t fit typical romances.

My Celtic warriors from the hillfort of Garrigill in Brigantia find ways to thwart the inevitable advance of the Roman Army onto their territory; the Brigantes being a federation of Celtic tribes whose lands were in northern Britain (north of England). My brothers from Garrigill also find and lose love along the way, suffer hardships, separation from the family, and endure terrible battle injury.

In Book 3, After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks, Brennus continues to spy against Rome but gets on as best he can with a normal family life for some years since the woman who won his love, Ineda, is lost to him. Ineda has been taken prisoner by a Roman tribune who uses her as his personal slave. She can’t escape his clutches but finds ways to tolerate her captivity for a very long time. In the broader sense, Book 3 also involves the flight, and the plight, of the refugee Brigante family into what is now modern day Scotland, the northerly trek taking its toll of family members in death and disease as often happens in refugee situations. The Celtic struggle culminates in a large bloody battle in north-east Scotland between the Celtic tribes
and the Roman army in AD 84, Brennus fighting alongside his brothers, fellow Garrigill warriors and co-opted warriors who have become part of their band.

I’m just dipping a toe into Book 4 which has new main characters, but those well loved ones from Books 1, 2 & 3 are also in the plot!

Alethea- Thank you for allowing me to share my series with your readers and best wishes with your new historical book launch.

Blurb for After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks: 

Pursued by Rome.
AD 73 Northern Britannia

After King Venutius’ defeat, Brennus of Garrigill – known as Bran – maintains a spy network monitoring Roman activity in Brigantia. Relative peace reigns till AD 78 when Roman Governor Agricola marches his legions to the far north. Brennus is always one step ahead of the Roman Army as he seeks the Caledon Celt who will lead all tribes in battle against Rome.

Ineda of Marske treks northwards with her master, Tribune Valerius, who is responsible for supplying Agricola’s northern campaigns. At Inchtuthil Roman Fort Ineda flees seeking fellow Brigantes congregating on the foothills of Beinn na Ciche.

Will the battle against the Romans bring Ineda and Brennus together again?

After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks is available from:

Nancy Jardine’s novels can be found in paperback and ebook formats from:
Crooked Cat Bookstore
Barnes & Noble
W. H. Smith
and other book retailers.

Nancy can be found at the following places: Blog Website Facebook
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Nancy’s writing time is shared with regular grandchild minding duties, tending her large garden, ancestry research and leisure reading. She’s currently writing a family saga based mainly in Scotland, and Book 4 of her Celtic Fervour series. She’s delighted to be able to share that Topaz Eyes (Crooked Cat Publishing) an ancestral-based mystery, is a finalist for THE PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE Fiction 2014; the final round of voting for this during the last week of May. The winners will be announced at a splendid Awards Ceremony in London, 28th May, to which Nancy will attend. (Acquiring the ‘little black dress’ for this will be fun, as will her jaunt to London.)

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