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Title: Revenge, the Cowboy Way
Author: P.A. Estelle
Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing
Date of publication: April 14, 2014


Joanna busied herself by cleaning a big black kettle in the corner. She hung it by the handle and swung it over the fire. Then began the arduous task of filling it, one rain-filled bucket at a time. It was getting later in the day, and the rain still hadn’t let up at all. She was feeding the fire when Brian finally returned.

She jumped up and ran to help him take off his slicker. His hands were like ice and his lips were blue. His teeth were chattering so hard, he couldn’t talk. “Get over here by the fire. We need to get these clothes off right now before you freeze to death!” Her energy was zapped just undressing him. She wrapped blankets around him and laid him by the fire. He was asleep instantly.

He had brought in two burlap bags. Inside one were two rabbits and inside the other were vegetables and coffee. How did he come by these?  Remembering when Brian had shown her how to clean a rabbit, she set to work doing just that. She cut the meat into chunks, dropping them into the water, and then cut up the vegetables. It would take a long time for the rabbit to be eatable, but at least Pappy would have some broth when he woke next. She also found some tin cups and made herself a cup of coffee.

Joanna sat up long into the night, drinking coffee, leaning against the wall by the fireplace. She watched Brian sleep. She finally admitted it. She loved this man. She also knew he would never return her love. Should she leave? Should she stay with Pappy for as long as he would have her? At least she would be able to see Brian. Could she live that way, seeing him with other women—maybe marrying someone else? No, she couldn’t.
And what about Pappy? Since her grandfather had died, this was the one man she could trust completely, and she had come to love this gentle old soul. It was like a stab in her heart to see the two men she loved, lying on the floor, so still and vulnerable. How infinitely sad she felt! Everything in the world she wanted was right here, in this broken down shack, yet nothing was in reach.


She never hesitated, just went to Brian, hungry for his embrace, weeping quietly against his shoulder.

* * * *

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Hi everybody!  Revenge, The Cowboy Way was written forty years ago.  I was in my early twenties and a new mother, also.  I read a few steamy romances and figured – “I can do this!”  I used my electric Brothers Typewriter and started in.  Five years later I was done and sure it was the “Great American Novel”.  I sent out a few queries, certain publishing companies would be fighting over my book, but to my surprise I received three, Thanks, but no thanks, responses.  I boxed it up and it has lived in my closet until about a year ago. It was such pathetic writing. LOL. I took it out and did LOTS of editing and polishing.  I was so excited when R&P offered me a contract.

I retired from public school five years ago.  I was the principal’s secretary!  I also write for the tween age kiddos.  How could I not, after gathering material for twenty-one years in the elementary scene?

To find out more about my books and/or me please visit the following links.  I love visitors and comments.

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